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  • The Only Girl Guide to Buying on Ebay | Secondhand & Pre-Loved Top Tips

    The Only Girl Guide to Buying on Ebay | Secondhand & Pre-Loved Top Tips
  • When Lockdown Broke Us

    When Lockdown Broke Us
  • The Only Girl Guide: Buying Secondhand & Pre-Loved, Part 1 – How to Search

    The Only Girl Guide: Buying Secondhand & Pre-Loved, Part 1 – How to Search
  • My Weekend Break (From Confrontation)

    My Weekend Break (From Confrontation)

My Steamy Mini-Break with Breville Home Heroes #Ad

I’ve heard “no one enjoys ironing”, well “hello”, call me a crease obsessed domestic freak ‘cos I bloomin’ love ironing! I’d almost go as far to say that with enough time to get my (ironing) kit out, it’s actually a pleasurable luxury – after all, nothing beats regaining half my wardrobe by freeing the garments from the shackles of the ironing basket; in essence, it’s like going shopping for new clothes while ticking a job off ‘the list’ which you can martyr yourself with at the altar of relationship chore-tit-for-tat at a later date, what’s not to love?!

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Life’s Little Luxuries With Fatface

I might be flouted as “fussy” by those nearest and dearest come present buying season, even to the point I’ve renounced presents to avoid disappointment and for the simple reason I don’t need anything else in my life. This might sound annoyingly self-righteous and oh-so on-trend for banging the anti-materialistic drum, but those aren’t the foundations of my protestations. I do believe in the whole “less is more” ethos, I don’t always live it, but believe in it I do – it comes down to the fact I just really know what I like (and, more accurately what I don’t!) and get twitchy at the thought of undesired crap being thrust my way.

I feel the same when it comes to my wardrobe – not much makes the cut, there’s a few rules about what infiltrates my Trojan-like fashion fortress…

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Ditch the G&T, It’s All About Robinsons Fruit Creations #Ad

I have a confession. It may appear from my online antics that I’m partial to a G&T almost every night of the week, after all, isn’t that what us “mum bloggers” (must stop cringing at that title!) do – blabber on the internet, moan about our kids, then guzzle G&Ts while munching on a left-over fish finger amuse-bouche?! In reality, I drink 1, maybe 2, G&Ts a week; I can’t stand wine and gag at the thought of any other hard spirits; in truth, I have the taste-bud maturity of an 8 year old. Which is tres noble and at least one thing I do that might be good for my insides, but somewhat embarrassing when you ask for a squash at a friend’s house in the evening. Mr OG has long asked “what kids drink did you want with your meal this evening?!”

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Frozen Green Smoothie Recipe with Breville Blend Active Personal Blender & Accessory Pack #Ad

Anyone that follows our everyday madness over on Instagram will know how proud I am of H & B for being scouted for the Chelsea Advanced Development Squad. For every inch they were thrilled their ball-kicking dreams were coming true and pride that spilled from my every pore – dread finally set in at our new, life destroying, petrol consuming schedule. With football related travelling, training and matches taking up 15.5 hours (minimum) a week, some days it leaves the boys with little more than 3 waking hours in which to eat, get dressed, relax and argue with each other – which used to take up a lot more time!

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Casper’s Christmas Covered

We’ve got the basket, the metal “bin”, the Swedish superstore, storage mega-plex and the floor – all covered/over-spilling/spewing Casper’s toys. The kid rivals Santa on the amount of toys he has, courtesy of carboot sales/hand me downs and doting grandparents, and yet he still only plays with the same ones again and again. With every new toy purchase, there’s the element of risk – sure, it looks rather alluring to the small, eager eyes of a toddler when it’s sheathed in shiny plastic, under the fluorescent shop lights – money is duly handed over in the hope that the latest amusement fodder will keep Cas busy long enough to sort the lights from the darks; but generally, the poor lump of plastic gets discarded with the dust bunnies and odd socks under the sofa after a mere 5 minutes of attention

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