Bonding With Baby | HUGGIES Wipes

In case you haven’t spotted it yet, we announced over on our brand new Youtube channel that Casper and I are now HUGGIES Wipes ambassadors for the rest of the year. We’re not just putting their HUGGIES® Pure Wipes to the test, we’re combining this with their natural elements and gentleness – taking time out of our hectic days to just appreciate nature and each other. With this in mind, Huggies have enlisted the help of baby bonding guru Gayle Berry. Gayle, the HUGGIES® Wipes bonding expert is a multi-award winning baby massage and baby yoga expert and founder of Blossom & Berry. I was lucky enough to pose a few questions to Gayle recently on developing a secure bond with your baby and nurturing the relationship during times that might be considered “everyday moments”…… View Post

Where Have I Been? Youtube

I’m not going to kid myself into thinking anyone might have noticed my slight absence from the blog over the last few weeks. Rest assured, the boys have not won their continual efforts to overthrow the parental powers in a coup to seize control of the crisp and sweet cupboard, leaving me tied to a chair with smelly socks and loom-band ropes; neither have I been carried away in a Pokemon Go frenzy in search of the elusive Zapdos. I’ve been hanging out on the good ol’ YouTube – creating a few vids for your viewing pleasure. So, if you fancy taking a peek at what we all look like when we’re moving, head over to my brand spanking Youtube channel.… View Post

StartRite Rhino School Shoes Review

It would appear there’s a shoe-destruction elf at the boys school. Admittedly I’m yet to receive the email informing me of such, which I imagine would be in a similar manner to the “there’s nits in your kids class – watchout” text that I receive twice a month, but I have the evidence to show he exists… Whilst they sit at their desks beautifully, listening attentively to their teachers every word simultaneously writing poetry whilst unicorns graze in the playground, the mischievous little imp does everything in his power to destroy a perfectly good pair of boy’s school shoes which cost moi anything between £30-£60, depending on the desperation level I’d reached at not being able to find decent school shoes in the boys’ sizes at a moments notice. This is an easier pill to swallow than that of “my children just decimate footwear with little regard for my bank balance.”… View Post

Not Quite Adulting: My Adult Moments

You’d think that at 31, having birthed 3 sprogs, been married then divorced, mortgaged up, 2 step kids and numerous pets – that I might consider myself a fully fledged adult. WRONG! Like many people I’ve asked on this subject, it’s not that I feel like a kid, but I certainly don’t feel like I’ve reached the peak of my grown-up-ness. Worringly, even my mum – a whole generation of adultier-ness above me, still doesn’t feel there yet. But perhaps being a grown-up isn’t a state, a bit like happiness, it’s fleeting moments; moments where it really feels as though I’ve got my shit together and I can do this – without doing a silly dance, asking for a straw with my coke or throwing a (discreet) tantrum when our local ice cream parlour runs out of cherry flavour on a particularly I-need-cherry-kinda-day ).

So, here’s my list of moments when I feel top of my adult game – in the vague hope, some of you might also feel the same about our severe lack of acknowledging our responsibilities and always hoping there will be an adultier adult to deal with the crap post fan-hit.… View Post

10 Ways Thomson Holidays Busied Our Boys

Our family can be a logistical nightmare: ferrying the 14 year old to town to hang out with his friends whilst getting the 12 year old over to his mates house to play on the PlayStation, then herding the 8 & 9 year olds to a football match – meanwhile, poor little Casper gets dragged along on the promise of a jammy dodger. My point being, keeping all 5 boys entertained in one place is a huge ask. So when I started talking to Thomson about our latest family holiday (see more details here), my biggest challenge to them was to keep our brood so busy for a week, in the sun, that they wouldn’t pick up their iPad or whinge about not having their beloved PlayStations.… View Post

Brexit: The Kids’ Questions

I usually shy away from blogging about the latest trending subject matter – fodder to soon become tomorrow’s chip paper’s just not my bag; neither, until the last few days was politics. But after Friday’s revelation that our fine and glorious country will be leaving the EU, many seem quite up in arms, upset, offended and brutally disappointed with the outcome. Panic not, I’m not about to wade into a political rant. This is not to berate or applaud either side of the argument, yes, we’ve all seen the enviable diplomacy of the Facebook friend that says “we all need to move forward together despite the decision”. This is simply to pose the questions asked by the generation this outcome will potentially affect the most – our children. On being informed of the Brexit on Friday morning, something which I’ve done my best to inform my otherwise pretty clueless sons about, these were the responses given from the 8 and 9 year old.… View Post

Elderflower Fields Family Festival

When I received an email asking if we wanted to head to Elderflower Fields Festival in the days leading up to our first ever family holiday (which you can read about HERE), I was dubious and even typed out the declining email due to the mammoth packing task that lay ahead. But, of course, not before clicking the link to see what it was all about. About 30 seconds into my browsing experience, I retyped my email and it was a resounding YES! This was a family festival, taking place in the heart of the Sussex country side with a plethora of boy-friendly madness – although we couldn’t go for the whole weekend, we could certainly put the packing, washing and ironing to one side for a day trip of fun.… View Post

Pre-Kidders on Planes

There’s an unspoken understanding between parents on planes: Do whatever the hell it takes to get through. Be it seat swapping, sweet giving, playing peekaboo over a seat, snorting the innards of a sherbet lemon in a vague hope of some legal high or simply accepting that normal rules will not apply for the duration of the flight. This seems to be if your children are aged 1, 10 or 33. If you’ve ever been a parent on an aircraft, you just get it. Then there’s those pesky people that fill up the family-void spaces on a plane: The pre-kidders or the people that made the life-choice to never have the little darlings (is it too late to make this choice?!).

Here’s just some of the questions and comments I would like to put to the pre-kidders who occupied 34A and 34B on our recent travels…… View Post

First Family Holiday with 5 Kids

It was this time last year when I cautiously made my way over to the Thomson Holiday’s stand (actually a replica airplane) at the spectacular Blogtacular conference. Like many of the bloggers in attendance I fancied a go at pitching my holiday idea to the company behind sending so many British families on their hols every year. I challenged Thomson Holidays to keep our 5 boys so entertained for a week in the sun that they wouldn’t be tempted by their gadgets – and they accepted!… View Post

The Awe of 5 Boys

En mass, I get it, we’re not only a larger than the norm family, but luck also swung firmly in the male direction when it came to our procreative efforts generating 5 boys. We get a myriad of comments ranging from the friendly, yet sympathetic “you deserve a medal – wow, 5 boys!”, after dinner has been inhaled at a restaurant; to slightly icy stares as couples mutter “god, haven’t they heard of contraception?!”, as we herd our monsters through a packed checkout in Tesco’s on a Sunday afternoon. What none of these people realise, and why would they, is that we never set out to have 5 kids, let alone 5 of the same rambunctious sex. Mr Only Girl and I were happily bumbling along as single parents with two mild-mannered (that’s a whopping lie!) boys each, until one day, we met whilst playing football in the park, fell madly in love (not a whopping lie!), became a family with four boys and then thought we’d give the baby-sex-wheel-of-fortune one more spin at having THAT girl – ooops, there’s another boy. So, in a relatively short space of time, we went from two each to five collectively! BAM! A family of seven was created.… View Post